The objective of the MBA program is to educate and prepare a diverse group of men and women with the knowledge, analytical ability, and management perspectives and skills needed to provide leadership to organizations competing in a world increasingly characterized by diversity in the workforce, rapid technological change, and a fiercely competitive global marketplace. MBA is designed to prepare students for careers in management and leadership in both the private and public sectors. Students acquire a comprehensive foundation in the fundamentals of business, the global environment in which they will function, and the analytical tools for intelligent decision-making.

Upon completion of the MBA, students will be able to:

  • Carry out a detailed literature search of international business administration using relevant bibliographical resources from print and online resources.
  • Discuss current conceptual and theoretical models, issues, and concerns in international business administration.
  • Describe current practices, issues, and concerns in international business administration.
  • Apply current business practices to the management of international businesses.
  • Summarize significant differences in business practices in different parts of the world and understand how these differences affect managing companies in various countries.


  • Integrative Experience and Experiential Learning.
  • Effect of Global Environment on Business.
  • Strategic and Innovative Thinking and Analysis Skills to Enable Effective Opportunity Identification, Problem Solving, and Decision-Making.
  • Effective Oral, Written, and Presentation Communication Skills.