The Diploma Principal Sri.B.Jeevan Kumar, who is an eminent academician and mathematician of reputed envisioned PRIYADARSHINI, his brainchild in to a premier over the years He is often referred to as a work aholic strategist whose name synonymous with perseverance, determination, dedication and meticulous approach. As a result, PRIYADARSHINI today had joined the top league of some of the best academician institutions in educational arena.

He attained immense popularity both from the student and the parental community alike for his extraordinary harmonious attitude towards student-centered problem and complaints .his strong resolve and innate crave for excellent results pushed the students to achieve state Ranks.

His missionary zeal of providing cutting-edge educational standards had launched many young lives and elevated PRIYADARSHINI College in to boon for the young aspirant’s highest success.


Dear students,

To build across the institute a culture of excellence in teaching and learning with needed performance and accountability from all support activities. To enhance the institute standing as the institute of choice for students across the country; and to augment the presence of international students to at least ten percent of student body.To cultivate a field in which new ideas, research and scholarship flourish leading to emergence of creators, innovators, leaders, and entrepreneurs.To design the education through a continuous process so that the students qualifying from the institute have the top rating in placement. To achieve excellence in application-oriented research in selected areas of technology to contribute to the development of the region and the nation. To promote co- and extra-curricular activities for over-all personality development of the students. To develop responsible citizenship through awareness and acceptance of ethical values. To build a family of alumni and friends to create a network of allegiance and support for the institute.